Cipriani Heat Exchangers

A world of customised solutions, that have a place in many other worlds. Yours.

A world of customised solutions, that have a place in many other worlds. Yours.


For forty years we have been setting the standard for heat exchangers.

Cipriani PHE is the first Italian manufacturer of gasketed plate heat exchangers, tailor designed for every need and optimised for the most diverse industrial sectors.

The origins that are strongly linked to the area of Verona are part of the Cipriani identity and distinguish our production activity that becomes bespoke.

Since 1987 we have been producing our heat exchangers at our Verona site, controlling every stage -from conception to realisation -to export 100% Made in Italy quality.



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Energy recovery

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The Tailor Made approach to heat exchangers is the heart of Cipriani PHE. A concept that is not limited to product customisation, but that contains a world of values: over the years these have become our strength and the criterion used to select our technology.

Global competencies, because we work with the largest players on national and international markets.

Flexibility, in providing our solution to every heat exchange need, with high performance and balanced configurations.

A dedicated team, that works everyday to create made-to-measure heat exchangers within the agreed delivery times.

Quality standard-setting, because we have raised the bar of the entire sector, setting new standards for the world of heat exchangers.


Configure your heat exchanger yourself. This is the Tailor Made concept that we offer at Cipriani, provided through an intuitive and complete design suite.

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